Parenting Topics

The Baby Years

Babies are sheer miracles, whose brains are gathering data faster than anyone can possibly imagine. Every little sound, smell, color, texture, voice intonation and expression are being recorded and cataloged for the duration of life. Pure genius!

:: Parenting Your Unborn Baby

Sounds, sensations, and emotions all impact the active mental life of your child. Learn how to positively influence your unborn baby!

:: Avoid Frustrated Parenting

You won't need to hire an architect for this floor plan. By visualizing and compartmentalizing your home into categories of use, you can create mental zones to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Mentally customizing a floor plan allows you to be prepared and ready for whatever the day may bring. Learn to view your living space in a new way now that you have a child on board.

:: Differing Parenting Styles

Boost your parenting skills for better family performance. In this discussion, we will explore proactive vs. reactive parenting and authoritative vs. authoritarian parenting styles. Don't miss the opportunity to add some new methods to your parenting choices. Boost your parenting skills for better family performance because solid skills are the key to a great family!

:: Shaping Your Child While the Cement is Wet

How much time do you have to influence your child? How will you use that time? Do you have your parenting goals mapped out? This topic addresses priorities, goal setting and strategies for implementation. Learn steps to create an action plan before relationships get tested, rather than after. Craft a family blueprint that includes a vision, a mission, and strategic goals that align with your value system during this discussion.

The Toddler Years

I can’t help but smile as I think about toddlers. They are incredible little scientists with nothing to distract them from exploring the world and engaging it. I can’t imagine there is anything more exciting in all of life than to explore and experiment with no other responsibility!

:: Minimizing Meltdowns

Embarrassing and/or scary? Learn to recognize an emotional meltdown from a logical meltdown and discover how to deal with them according to the type. Learn why they happen and dramatically reduce the episodes. Get the upper hand on meltdowns before they get the upper hand on you!

:: Potty Training 101

Are you wondering how and when to potty train? Is your child ready to graduate out of diapers? Avoid potty training nightmares by exploring various techniques discussed in this workshop. Potty training can be a positive experience!

:: Fussy Eaters

Mealtime struggles can sabotage even the simplest dinner. 
We'll discuss strategies that lead to more peace at the table and good health for the whole family.

:: Cultivating Cooperation

Yelling? Nagging? Bribing? These coercive parenting methods can happen with our children several times a day. Learn communication skills that create peace and honor in the family. Discover the strategies that take parenting from tiring or draining to exciting, uniting and team building! This event covers creating a new dialogue, action points, and building the proper foundation for a peaceful home.

The School Years

School-aged kids…they’re smart, creative, energetic, filled with potential and inwardly quite eager to be under the leadership of competent parents!

:: Avoid Frustrated Parenting

Parenting is hard work and frustration can easily set in with less than desirable results. This introductory workshop focuses on common parenting challenges and explores the ABC's of good communication, the privilege-to-responsibility ratio, and how to respond rather than react before frustration has a chance to set in.

:: Resolving Sibling Rivalry

Learn why children battle for first place in the family dynamic. Discover what's at the heart of their battle. Take home new techniques that can be implemented immediately so you can resolve the challenge once and for all. Prevent stressful relationships from forming at home with this valuable introductory topic discussion.

:: Truth Tellers & How to Raise Them

If our children lie to avoid consequences, over time, it can become the norm. Create a home where lying and deception have no power and serve no purpose.

:: Integrated Family Solutions

The greatest asset of any family is its members, but there's no one-size-fits-all parenting advice because each family is a hybrid dynamic. The memories each child holds from prior family experiences shape their view of the world and affects how they prepare himself or herself for the future. Help your blended family members feel understood, not managed or controlled. Afterwards, when connections have been clearly made, set expectations together so the family can move forward as a unit. Prepare yourself for the fragile task of bonding as this new journey begins!

:: Chicken Soup for the Attitude

Attitudes hit the home like a virus. They spread easily and nobody wants to catch it! Just as chicken soup soothes the common cold, there's a remedy for soothing an attitude. Learn the remedy and keep your family well! Learn the signs of a bad attitude and train yourself to turn a poor attitude toward recovery with this discussion.

:: Seven Ways to NOT Raise a Brat!

When decisions are made on the fly,  it's easy to get results that work in the moment, but don't work at all in the grand scheme of raising good kids. Discover these seven habits that slip into parenting unawares, so you avoid raising a brat!

:: Purpose & Potential: What’s the Difference?

Why does the family exist? What purpose does it serve? How do we access our potential and our purpose? Discover the powerful answer to these questions and more with this thought provoking discussion. Create your own step-by-step innovative format to incorporate during a family game night. Watch as your family reveals to you the purpose it's meant to serve and witness the excitement levels rise as purpose and potential become a reality!